Textile Consult and Bomler are please to announce a partnership for the UK market.   Textile Consult are now the exclusive partner for Bomler’s cloud based Supply Chain Transparency Tool.Bomlers mission is to provide the means that enable better decisions by industry and consumers for economic value, product quality, social and environmental impact. On the platform brands can search for new suppliers by attribute, with Bomler’s algorithms finding and displaying best matches. Direct connection and communication occurs from within Bomler, and all chats are saved for historical records.

Suppliers have the capability to upload all independent certifications, audits and inspections, thus enabling prospective buyers to immediately see and trust the supplier’s capabilities and credibility. Uploading of key and relevant objective data allows a potential brand to see how reliable their goods or services have been for previous clients.  And, in an industry first both brands and suppliers will be encouraged to provide subjective feedback about the ease of working with each other. The combination of objective and subjective history enables relationships to begin faster and with greater alignment of expectations from each partner. Brands and suppliers will have separate unique and appropriate mobile functions  and screens to maximize their usage of the database. Any buyer can access the database through mobile to verify timing, performance and other relevant data.

For the consumer :
Bomler uses the supply chain data from the brand-supplier application to enable brands to connect with consumers who want to look beyond price and see the value offered by the supply chain.   Bomler functions offers consumer more information and interactions point that makes the shopping experience more valuable. A number of functions are available to our customers, which individually can be made accessible for consumers by simply turning them on or off.Functions can also be in integrated into e-commerce sites in order to provide an enriched and valuable shopping experience.

  • Create new value proposals(VIP, Reward Programs)
  • Let the consumer use “awareness” Information when shopping
  • Interlink with data sources, Facebook etc.

Key information – easy to find (REALLY)

Bomler allows suppliers to be very textile specific in presenting their capabilities, capacities and compliance. Similarly than Suppliers, Buyers are able to show their company capabilities, preferences and needs. Suppliers are validated through data and reviews.

If you would like to hear more about Bomlers innovative new software or would like to arrange a free no obligation 30 day trial of the platform : 

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