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It might not be as popular here in Canada and the USA, but go anywhere around the world and you’ll see that Soccer (or as they say, “football”!) is the king of all world sports. Nothing excites fans and drives the crowds wild like seeing a skilled striker ply his art form and blast a goal into the net. It’s the only game that drives national pride the way it does!And, of course, if you’re a fan of a particular country or football club, there’s no better way to profess your loyalty than with some fan gear to wear, twirl, or stretch out for all to see at the next game. IMS Industrial Machine Sales provides the machinery that is driving this resurgence worldwide.Why do fans love scarves so much?There’s nothing like standing in a packed stadium, shouting on a terrace, or sitting at home in front of the TV cheering on your favourite club while waving a scarf in the air. For us Canadians, it might actually be more than a fashion statement, we might actually need it to fight off the cold. Scarves are the perfect accessory for a few main reasons:

– They’re easily portable
– The highly detailed knits of modern machinery allow for HD quality
– They cost considerably less than jerseys and shirts

Major world soccer events are driving an increase in sales

Companies looking to get into the business of selling fan scarves or those already in it looking to upgrade their equipment would be happy to see the increasing demand around the world. Untold thousands have been ordered for major events such as the World Cup in 2014 and the most recent Copa America and European Football Championship, both of 2016.

Once considered only for the prestigious clubs and associated with tie-wearing coaches, scarves are now a mainstay outside of every English football Stadium, American baseball park, or Canadian Hockey Rink. The North American MLS league is even in on the trend.

Made with incredible quality and sometimes taking up to 10 separate steps including winding, weaving, cutting, and custom embroidery, the machine that you choose to manufacture the products is of utmost importance.

At IMS Industrial Machine Sales, we have a wide inventory of quality new and pre-owned machines that produce high-quality scarves, and the growing demand for soccer scarves around the world is fueling the growth of the industry by the day. If you’re looking for affordable machinery to give you a competitive edge, browse our inventory of circular knitting machines or contact us today.