Textile production is expensive. Dealing with manufacturers halfway across the world can add stresses to a difficult, technical process, often made harder with cultural communication challenges. By working with Textile Consult, we can anticipate your business interests, offer solutions to any difficulties arising in your textile production and make the process a lot easier for you to navigate- saving you time and money. One of our recent clients was Libertad Apparel.

Libertad is a Kickstarter project producing luxury Merino wool travel shirts. During production of these shirts in China, Libertad faced some significant unforeseen challenges, including product failure in the first bulk production and communication with the factory. Our technical and commercial expertise gave Libertad credibility and authority in an often difficult environment, ensuring issues were solved with positive outcomes for both parties, with the shirts ultimately being produced to the high quality required.

You can find out more about Libertad by watching their brand video.

The connection

Ian from Textile Consult originally connected with Libertad’s CEO, Kyle via Linked In. Following this connection, Ian learned of the challenges Libertad were having with their Merino wool travel shirt production in China.

The issues

Despite rigorous R&D and exacting standards, the biggest issue facing Libertad was the variation between the fully signed off product samples of the unique lightweight fabric at the R&D stage and the first run of the bulk production of the Merino shirts. This led to product failure. Although protected contractually against product failure, it was proving problematic for Libertad to work with the factory to find the cause of the failure and define a solution. This was hugely time-consuming and expensive, with cultural and communication challenges also adding some extra difficulty to the situation.

None of the production issues could have been foreseen by either Libertad or the manufacturer, but the input and expertise of Textile Consult enabled Libertad to credibly resolve the situation for both parties. In the end, the weaving partner remade the fabric and the shirts were produced to the high quality required by Libertad for their brand, with excellent results.

How Textile Consult helped

Textile Consult gave me much-needed credibility and leverage in a very precarious environment.’

Kyle, CEO, Libertad Apparel

We worked with Libertad to identify solutions to the production issues. These included:

Technical expertise

We advised what was realistically achievable as to variations in the textile product.

Objective support

We supported Libertad’s responses to the factory with objective evidence. Although the issues in production could not have been predicted, this evidence meant that the factory accepted product failure as covered by the contract, which was vital to protect Libertad’s financial interests.

Cultural and communication insight

We provided insight into the workings of the Chinese factory and culture, which was essential when presenting Libertad’s case.

Future implementations

We advised on the benefits of having a Letter of Credit in place for future production and transactions. This will give Libertad essential financial leverage.

The results

Working with textile manufacturers half way across the world can often be a challenging process, both technically and culturally, with any mistakes in production being costly for the company. Our textile industry experience provided solutions to the production issues, ensuring that Libertad’s travel shirts were produced to the high quality demanded by the brand, despite early difficulties experienced in bulk production with the unique fabric.

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