This week here at Textile Consult has been interesting for a number of reasons,  most weeks are interesting but that’s another story.

This week has been interesting because of the interactions with a particular customer.  The client is interested in Right First Time processing (RFT),  The Holy Grail of textiles,  the process route that all the industry wants and achieves to differing levels with only a few world class companies getting really close to the higher level of processing.

As part of our interactions there was a request for the 5 steps that would achieve 100%  RFT processing.

We took time to explain there are things you can look at and adapt but there is not a one size fits all solution for Right First Time processing.  There are the basics whatever your sector of the industry, but ultimately, what you can adapt  will only take you so far.

The first step should be a bench marking exercise – are you where you think you are? – as many times you may not be correct and this can be for a number of reasons.

If you look at your process and do a bench marking exercise you will find your current RFT processing levels.  If you are currently at 40% or lower then you should be quite happy!

“HAPPY?!” I hear you say… “Are you mad?”

Well I might be a little bit,but the reason I say “you should be happy” is because with such a low RFT rate you can make minor changes to your process.

These changes should have  minimal cost implications and  will deliver significant improvements in your processing and efficiency.  You might consider these changes to be quite generic  and some would say common sense.

However the application of  common sense  will quickly move your business move from 40% to  60% and 70% efficiency.

The problem with RFT processing comes when you get to the 80-85% efficiency. Once you are at this level you are already doing all the basics correctly and enjoying a good level of RFT Processing, to get to the next level into the 90% +sector and become truly world class you need to be more specific in the way you approach RFT.

The changes here may be more expensive or time consuming to implement, will certainly involve a lot of monitoring and development of the ideas required.

Its this second or even third step of RFT improvement where you will need to get professional expertise involved to keep you on the right track and achieve the requirement in a timely and cost effective way – it will be worth the investment when you are operating at this higher levels,  your costs are decreasing and your order book is increasing.

There is no magic solution for Right First Time processing just a lot of hard work and analysis of what you do.  As mentioned earlier,  I was asked this week for the 5 things that you should be looking at to improve RFT, so if you are just beginning this journey or part way along  here you go.


  1. Bench mark your process without knowing where you are you cannot know where you are going or what you need to change.
  2. Invest in your laboratory – good accurate laboratory work will translate better into your production process.
  3. Standardise your process – make sure your SOP’s are in place and in use
  4. Standardise your raw materials – dyes, chemicals, water, substrate all need to be of a good quality and need to be consistent in supply
  5. Invest in  your people – people who understand and are invested in the process will help you improve the process going forward

This may all seem very simple and, as we said before, common sense,  but it is the case that many companies do not know the basics or do the basics correctly, once you start doing these things you will see an immediate change in your process.  Remember the computer phrase – Garbage in = Garbage out…..

If you are still not convinced RFT then come and chat to us and see the very real savings that can be achieved through correct processing and improving your factory efficiencies.

For more information on how we can help you achieve your RFT dream – drop us a line to set up your free 30 minute phone consult…