…supporting you and your project

Our team of Textile Consult experts can help you with advice;  project management;  on-site audits;  ‘right-first-time’ processing;  solution building for technical textile issues, as well as support to help your company to develop and maintain a cleaner operation.

We can even help you on the challenging path to bringing a new textile product to market!

How does that sound?     Good?       Yes?      That’s great!

Over the years, we’ve provided outstanding Textile Consult consultancy services to all areas of the textile industry, from large corporates to small businesses, providing a professional, best in class service, to meet all budgets and requirements.

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…join us in the Textile Consult Academy 

The Textile Consult Academy is a training service aimed at textile professionals such as buyers, garment technicians and manufacturing teams to increase knowledge and understanding of textile manufacturing and processes; how to build better relationships with suppliers and develop a deeper understanding of fibres, colour, testing, and production requirements.

The Academy has a comprehensive prospectus, aimed at all levels of attainment.

Courses offer the latest topics;  world class, industry respected training staff;  and informative, interactive training sessions.

We deliver several standard one or two day courses that cover the essentials:

  • Dyeing & Finishing
  • Fabric Construction
  • Colour Management
  • Colour Measurement
  • Intellectual Property

and we can build courses to meet your specific training needs, from half day seminars to three-day workshops.  

We can also build a follow up program for your teams, that can include drop in staff surgeries at your premises, email or telephone tech support or post course audits to ensure knowledge is embedded into your team. 

Our aim is to ensure your colleagues come away from our training sessions feeling they have learnt practical, useful information that will help them to do their jobs better, and ultimately achieve production efficiences (and cost savings!) for your organisation!

Our trainers can visit your offices, arrange a training venue or even deliver short courses via webinar and we can provide advice on the best way to train your teams, so your company achieves the most cost effective solution.

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…for process efficiency, return on investment, standardised workflows, Right-First-Time methodology.

Our consultants have been active in the industry for many years, and in this time have been instrumental in bringing best in class optimisation to many environments in the textile industry:  manufacturing, supply chain, budget reductions and workforce management are among the areas of focus the Textile Consult team have worked on with our trusted clients for recent projects.

With a fast moving environment, and a focus on agile delivery, our team of professionals can support and guide your company to create a more streamlined and efficient working base, to achieve maximum financial savings, introduce or increase sustainability and better time management, as well as a more engaged and knowledgeable workforce.

Textile Consult experts can be on site with you, or work on a per visit or remote basis – we can create an optimisation plan with real targets, that achieves real results, and deliver it to you in your preferred format.

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