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Case Study:  A Luxury High Street Fashion Group

Company Profile
A current retail client is a luxury brand with an established expertise in printed fabrics for multiple categories.  The company has a high street presence throughout the UK and Asia as well as a significant online presence.

The Project
A new version of a long established product, with high sales turnover,  had recently become the subject of a number customer returns, due to staining appearing on the fabric after domestic washing.

How did Textile Consult help?
After we were engaged by the retailer to find a solution to the issue,  a detailed review and evaluation of the problem was undertaken by our consultants, and samples were sent to our offices for review by the team.

After analysis and laboratory work,  it was determined that the staining was due to a residual chemical from the printing process that was reacting with detergents containing a bleach component.  This explained why the product was affected with some customers and not with others.  Following these investigations, a report was  submitted to the client.

Our Recommendation
Our team recommended that a refinement to the post printing washing of the garments be undertaken to remove the residual chemical that was reacting with the bleach component.

The Benefits of Working with Textile Consult!
Professional expertise within our company, plus years of experience,  provided this retailer with a speedy solution to a customer facing problem - helping to maintain the customer experience, and allowing sales of the product to continue - win, win all round!

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