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We can provide consultancy services on the following strategic areas...

  • Process Optimisation - to review/improve processes and achieve cost savings
  • Cleaner Production Audit - to reduce effluent, create better working practice
  • Benchmarking - to measure your business against industry standards

Case Study:  An Anti-bacterial Chemical Manufacturer

Company Profile

An established and well respected company operating a £10M/pa business in a competitive and fast moving environment.  Founded in the 1970’s,  their environmentally friendly, solvent-free product range is targeted at the outdoor textile industry for use in the maintenance of outdoor performance garments and footwear, both at garment bulk production stage or for domestic use in the home.

The Project
Recent changes in environmental legislation,  primarily in relation to
ZDHC and REACH, has increased the potential for sales of the industrial chemical application.   Our team were initially engaged  to run training courses on textile bulk processing for the company's technical / sales staff. 

Further work was undertaken to to define the chemical application process, on an industrial scale, and to work with the company's client base to develop and maintain process optimisation and application.

How did Textile Consult help?

Our team provided technical sales support to enable the company to meet with textile industry clients and introduce and define the application process.  In consultation with the company, we also defined an application process for continuous and batch wise industrial scale processing.

Our Recommendation

Following a review of the support provided, recommended next steps included:

  • Development of technical profiles for different application methods
  • Training program for inhouse technical and sales staff to reduce costs and prevent performance issues
  • Schedule of ongoing technical support eg. online troubleshooting, in person meetings, on site drop ins

The Benefits of Working with Textile Consult!

Our experts have worked in the production environment and can quickly identify issues before they happen, improving efficiency and reducing the potential for reprocessing.  We help you find realistic, achievable solutions to problems arising from new applications, to ensure the success of your product!

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