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Textile Consult offers more than just advice…we work with many retailers and manufacturing companies to meet their training needs and we know our courses

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We offer courses for buyers, designers and garment technologists to...

  • Achieve better cost savings by reducing your RTM rates
  • Develop effective strategies to improve your supply chain
  • Gain best practice processes for problem solving
  • Increase their in-depth knowledge around the textile industry
  • Help build better relationships with suppliers

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Training Case Study:  A High Street Fashion Group

Company profile
Our client is a British multinational retailer operating a department store format in the United Kingdom

and Ireland,  and delivering via a franchise system in other territories.  Their operation spans 180 stores

across their brand, selling a range of clothing, household items and furniture.

The project
The retailer, like many of its competitors, has teams of garment technologists working in different product

areas such as Menswear, Ladieswear etc., who deal with the submissions from suppliers on their area

of the product range.

These garment technologists are not only involved in pass/fail submissions,  they also have to deal with issues relating to colour fastness and general processing to ensure that a quality product is delivered to the shelves.

The retailer wished to increase knowledge of textile wet processing, issue identification and resolution as well as how to build relationships with suppliers.

How did Textile Consult help?
We were engaged by the retailer to produce a series of inhouse training days.  

The course was designed to cover all aspects of dyeing, printing and finishing.  The sessions began with delegates identifying real time issues,  followed by an interactive training session providing an overview of the processes involved in production cycle, with emphasis on the issues that had been identified. 

A two way interactive delivery throughout the day ensured the initial issues raised were addressed, with a potential course of action for the delegate to take away and discuss with their suppliers.

Steps following our training courses
As part of any Textile Consult Academy training course, a 30 day email / telephone support service can be utilised by any delegate. This enables the delegates to discuss further their particular issues once they return to their desk.

The benefits of working with Textile Consult!
Professional expertise within our company, plus years of experience,  provided this retailer with a robust solution to increasing knowledge within the organisation - helping to maintain brilliant customer experience, and allowing sales of the product range to continue - win, win all round!

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