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Textile Consult offers more than just a boring old slide show…our trainers are professional industry colleagues, who can train your team on a wide range of textile based subjects - and we do our best to make our courses fun, interactive and interesting!

Here's what we can do for your business:

We deliver several standard one or two day courses that cover the essentials:

  • Dyeing & Finishing

  • Fabric Construction

  • Colour Management

  • Colour Measurement

  • Intellectual Property

and we can build courses to meet your specific training needs, from half day seminars to three-day workshops - all tailored to you and your business!

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Case Study:  A Waterproofing Chemical Manufacturer

Company profile
For this case study, our client is a British manufacturer of  high quality cleaning and waterproofing products, with a range of products that prolongs the life, and enhances the performance, of clothing, footwear & equipment.

The project
We undertook to create a training programme aimed at the sales and technical teams, to embed a better understanding of where there product could be applied in a standard textile processing situation.  There was an emphasis on developing understanding of the potential challenges affecting the application of the products, in addition to what other components in the textile process could affect the performance of their product. 

How did Textile Consult help?
We delivered a series of training days to the colleague that focussed on textile wet processing, to cover all aspects of dyeing, printing and finishing.

As the client was not a traditional textile chemical company,  there was special emphasis on equipment and use of the product, including application methods that may affect the performance of the product.  A process route through a mill was discussed with recommendations on where the product could be introduced and application recommendations were defined,  to be provided as guidelines to the client base.

Steps following our training course
As part of any training course, a 30 day email / telephone support service can be utilised by any delegate. This enables the delegates to discuss further their particular issues once they return to their desk .

The Benefits of Working with Textile Consult!

Our experts have worked in the production environment for many years, and are able to quickly identify where a company's workforce may need training to improve efficiency and reduce the potential for reprocessing. 

We want to help you find realistic, achievable training solutions to give your teams the information they need in order to ensure the success of your product!

Email us on hello@textileconsult.co.uk to discuss your training requirements - or just to talk over what we can do to help you and your business develop your teams - we're here to help!

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