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Textile Consult offers more than just advice…we develop courses and training seminars for dyehouses

and textile testing labs across the world, on all areas of wet  and we know our services can make the difference! 

Here's what we can do for your business:

We deliver several standard one or two day courses that cover the essentials:

Wet Processing          Fabric Construction          Colour Management          Colour Measurement          Cleaner Production

and we can build courses to meet your specific training needs, from half day seminars to three-day workshops - all tailored to you and your business!

Case Study:  A leading supplier of fabrics to UK Retailers

Company Profile
A manufacturer of quality cotton shirtings and fabrics with a client base that includes several high street brands.

Achieving a $200m turnover in 2013, this prestigious company has over 30 manufacturing bases throughout Asia and supplies leading retailers and brands across Europe and the USA.

The Project
A project was created to look at laboratory processing techniques and procedures to improve lab to bulk reproducibility.  

How did Textile Consult help?
A pre-training day audit was undertaken, to observe the current process and define areas where improvements could be made, followed by a management meeting to agree next steps.  Classroom training days were designed and delivered to the company team, focusing on the practical aspects of laboratory work.  In addition, "hands-on" sessions on laboratory management and processing were delivered to ensure continuity and standardisation across the whole processing plant.  

Our Recommendation
Our team introduced and trained personnel in correct laboratory procedures and best practice, enabling the development of a more efficient laboratory process, that was then implemented across a three shift system to ensure continuity of processing within the stakeholder group.

The Benefits of Working with Textile Consult!
Deep industry knowledge within our company, plus years of experience,  provided this factory with a speedy solution to an entrenched problem - helping to improve lab efficiency, the customer experience, and achieve significant cost savings for the business - there were lots of smiles when the figures came in!

Email us on hello@textilenconsult.co.uk to discuss your training requirements - or just to talk over what we can do to help you and your business develop your teams - we're here to help!

Training tailored to textile testing labs and dyehouses!

We know where there are probably gaps in your teams' knowledge - and we know the challenges your teams

face EVERY DAY and......best of all.....we know how to help you train your employees to fix them!